December 21, 2011

Selfpubs, Epubs: Sell Me Your Books

Before we all disappear into the holiday vapor...I'm sending out a call for book recommendations. But hold on, before you inundate me willy-nilly with delightful titles from the Big 6, you should know that I am looking specifically for recommendations of fantastic indie/self-pubbed e-books or e-books published through small presses and/or e-publishers.

You see, Santa (and by Santa I mean myself) is bringing me a Kindle for Christmas and I would like to fill it with wonderful stories. So, dear readers and writers...You have exactly 4 days to sell me your books (or if not your books, someone else's).

Leave your recommendations in the comments section of this post or send me a recommendation on Twitter: @valeriegeary.

A recommendation from you does not necessarily mean I'm going to buy the book, but I'll certainly take a closer look. And though I am willing to give most any book a try (except erotica and vampire fiction), I offer you this reminder:

"..the books I buy contain stories I want to return to again and again. Stories that keep me up at night. Stories that make it hard for me to breath. Stories that resonate with me on a deeply personal level. More specifically: stories about sisters, mothers and daughters, death, grief, animals, ghosts (real or imagined), wild things and dark places, savage wildernesses and surviving; stories that might not have a happy ending, but I won't know until I read to the last page." Sit Down, Shut Up, Write Another Story

Please remember, I'm only opening myself up to recommendations and book promotion for a limited time. 4 days. After Dec 24th, any recommendations that show up on this blog will most likely be labeled spam and ignored. Any recommendations via Twitter after Dec 24th will also be ignored and I reserve the right to block the sender. (Grinchy, aren't I?)

All right, ready? For the next 4 days, indie authors and e-pubbers, you have my full attention.


Mr. O said...

Okay, here goes:

UNTRACEABLE by Shelli Johannes (wilderness, survival, unexpected developments)
OPEN MINDS by Susan Quinn (right up your dark, semi-dystopian-loving alley)
TANGLED TIDES by Karen Amanda Hooper (mermaids and selkies and love triangles, oh my! I loved it)

These are three newer ones off the top of my head that I enjoyed. :-)

Mr. O said...

Ooops! Sorry, Valerie! It's me, Shannon--Mr. O is my hubby! :-)

Valerie Geary said...

Yay! Thank you Shannon! (For the recs and for clarifying who you were. ;) )

Katie said...

Yay for Kindles!! And yay for indies!

I recommend:

CROSS MY HEART by Katie Klein (loved it!)
SPACE JUNQUE (this was really dark and a fast-paced, adult sci fi story, but it also had some romance)
ANATHEMA by Megg Jensen (haven't read it yet but Megg is great and I hear the book is awesome... kinda like medieval dystopian fiction)
HOLLOWLAND by Amanda Hocking (it has zombies!)
THE CURSE GIRL by Kate Avery Ellison (aka me!)

And I've also heard great things about UNTRACEABLE, OPEN MINDS, and TANGLED TIDES, all of which were recommended above. :)

Valerie Geary said...

Thank you Katie! Looks like I'll be busy reading the next few weeks. Excellent. :D

Robert Guthrie said...

Been sticking to paper... But I love that you're encouraging e-books.

Catherine Stine said...

Hi Valerie
I don't usually toot my own horn, but my futuristic thriller, Fireseed One just launched yesterday. Come visit my blog and see what you think. I have bloggers featuring it, and links. I'm really proud of it, as the story rocks and I also illustrated it. Catherine

Valerie Geary said...

Robert- There will always be room in my heart for paper. :)

Catherine- Thank you Catherine! I'll swing by and check it out.